API reference


Interfaces to Usgs and Espa APIs

Usgs([version, conf]) Interface to the Usgs API
Usgs.login() Login to the Usgs api
Usgs.search(collection, bbox[, begin, end, …]) Perform a spatio temporal query on Landsat catalog
Usgs.get_collection_name(num) Get Earth Explorer Landsat collection names
Espa([conf]) Interface to the Espa API
Espa.order(scene_list, products[, format, …]) Place a pre-procesing order to espa
Espa.get_available_products(scene_list) Get the list of available products for each elements of a list of scene ids
Order(orderid[, conf]) Class to deal with espa orders
Order.download_all_complete(path[, unpack, …]) Download all completed scenes of the order to a folder
Order.cancel() Cancel the order


utils.bounds(geom) Return a bounding box from a geometry
utils.geom_from_metadata(meta) Return a geometry from a Landsat scene metadata as returned by USGS api
utils.is_valid(id) Landsat scene id validity checker
utils.url_retrieve(url, filename[, …]) Generic file download function
utils.url_retrieve_and_unpack(url, path[, …]) Generic function to combine download and unpacking of tar archives