lsru (Landsat Surface Reflectance Utils)

Query, order and download Landsat surface reflectance data programmatically

lsru allows interaction with Usgs and Espa APIs programmatically from python. It has 3 main classes:

  • Usgs is the interface to the USGS json API. It is mostly used to query the Landsat catalog for available scenes intersecting with a given spatio-temporal window.
  • Espa is the interface to the ESPA API. Espa is a platform that proposes on demand pre-processing of Landsat data to surface reflectance. Orders can be placed directly from python using that class.
  • Order is the interface to each individual orders placed to the espa platform; it allows retrieving order status and downloading corresponding scenes.

lsru also contains various utilities to smoothen workflows for various use cases of the module.

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